What are Your Experiences With Upwork?

What are Your Experiences With Upwork?

Ive been invited to try out Upwork, a job site that from first use looks pretty promising. Users can sign up as a buyer (employer), provider (contract worker), and affiliate company (outsourcer).

Upwork shows a lot of potential because it seems to make a genuine effort to match prospective employers with willing—and capable—employees. As a new provider, I was asked to provide the usual account info, as well as allow Upwork to a percentage of what Id be earning (around 10%).

Part of the registration process involved completing a detailed profile that reads a like a resume, featuring sections on work history and education. New users also have to specify their proficiencies, by ticking of a series of boxes.

These two features alone make me think that Upwork has a lot of potential. The detailed profile page and proficiency specifications could make it easier for clients to find the right freelancers. Providers also specify their hourly rate and how much theyre willing to work in a week, saving the time of employers who cant meet these requirements.

For now Ill be completing my profile and eventually offer my services through Upwork. The website recommends providing as much detail as possible, and I plan to take the time to do so.

In the meantime, Id like to hear from any fellow freelancers or contract workers whove tried out Upwork. Do you have any experience with the online service? If so, are they good or bad?

Comfort or Creative Flow?

Perhaps being disconnected has its benefits, as I feel that the lack of distraction has placed me in a writing flow. Ive written three lengthy articles, both for business and pleasure. No matter the purpose, Im being creative.

But the problem is that I shouldve slept an hour ago. Ive got a pretty long day later (its past midnight), and I dont think that sleeping late will help me one bit. And a sleepy Rico is very uncomfortable and grumpy man.

On the other hand, by giving in to my sleepiness and cutting my creative flow short, Id probably be wasting my sudden burst of productivity. I came up with the idea for this post literally a few seconds ago; who can say that such conduciveness to ideas would still be there later this morning?

We’ve all heard about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes sleeping early, eating well, etc. A healthy body is usually a more active and productive one. But should health, comfort, and even a peaceful mind keep you from accomplishing what you were meant to do? Is it worth ignoring an opportunity to accomplish so much, even if youll have more time down the road to do so?

I leave the question to you, fellow freelancers: what do you think? Of course, I think its possible to have the best of worlds. What Im wondering though is, whats the best way to have your cake and eat it too?