Why Being Unremarkable is Bad for the Freelancer and Client

Why Being Unremarkable is Bad for the Freelancer and Client

The problem with popular styles—like the famous wet-floor look—is that everyone wants to do them. So you may find yourself presenting to a client, only to be met withBut thats not what our competitors are doing, isnt it?” Who could blame them after all, when certain styles are so good that using them is actually a sign that your in with the times right?

But before you eagerly follow your clients wishes, consider this: such an approach means that you and your client will probably come up something similar to what the competitors are already doing. There are many reasons why producing output that looks like someone elses work isnt exactly great. Let me talk about two of them.

A failure to convey the client’s message

Most clients hire freelancers to fulfill a set of objectives, and mostly these objectives have something to do with communication. A key aspect of effectively conveying a message is to make it stand out from the rest, something thats particularly crucial in todays world of information overload.

So if a client is left with decent but run of the mill output, the chances of attracting the right attention and making an impact become much more limited. Im sure that clients would rather have something that is truly worth the time and money they commit to a project. Conveying a message becomes so much easier when its done in a fresh (read: different).

A failure to distinguish yourself

Its probable that freelancers become famous only when theyve proven their creativity and inventiveness. Or at the very least, theyre known for the fresh approach they take towards projects.

Earning this reputation is impossible when a freelancer is known for following the crowd. No doubt such a contract worker is very proficient, since the ability to pick up others styles requires that. Its also quite possible that jobs are easy to come by, for the reasons outlined in the first sentence of this post.

Theres nothing wrong with using the work of others as inspiration, as its a great way to learn. But the fact remains that the only way to stand out is to be different.

Conclusion: It’s in your and your client’s best interest

Pushing for something different may seem selfserving to the client. Creative people are notorious for indulging their imagination, practicalities and objectives be damned. Yet its always possible to convince a client that you can strike between a balance the new and what works.

Theres always a way to creatively fulfill a projects requirements while still being able to explore new methods. The challenge we constantly face is formulating an approach that makes everyone involvedyou, your client, and your clients target markethappy.