Here’s How to Keep Everything You Need Offline

Here’s How to Keep Everything You Need Offline

No matter how advanced or powerful they make online applications, webbased software will always be dependent on connectivity. Without any Internet, no work can get done. Im learning the hard way of not keeping a certain projects assets on my computer.

Its reasonable to say that the Internet is a musthave for any freelancer, particularly those who do a lot of work online. But as my web hosting proprietor friend says: 100% uptime is impossible.

Yes, connectivity is your virtual right, especially when youre paying for it. But if youve already called tech support, and theyre scrambling to restore your connection, how do you get work done during the downtime?

Like I said, a good idea would be to keep what you need for a project on your computer. Once youve found ideas or items you can use for your project online, download them. Once you receive the instructions from your client in email, download them (of course, if you use a normal, nonwebbased email client, this is already done for you). Once you receive some further instructions to mockups to held guide your work, download them.

I now find myself with all the time in the world to start working on a design project, but without any way of doing that. My clients instructions are stuck somewhere in my Gmail account, while only my service provider knows what happened to my connectivity.

By downloading anything you think will be useful for a project, you wont be caught up the creek without a paddle if and when you lose your connectivity. Even if you have no Internet access for half an hour, thats still some wasted time. Its true that more and more of us are getting dependent on the online world to get anything significant done, but that doesnt mean that we shouldnt be able to do anything when we get cut off.

As for this post, Im publishing it once I get my connectivity back.

Whats Your Freelancing New Years Resolution?

The New Years Eve is the last chance for us to come up with our own freelancing New Years resolution. You probably already have a resolution for your personal life; Im talking about one covering your career as a contract worker.

I, for one, resolve to use technology to my advantage, and be less of a slave to it. I resolve to take advantage of the fact that I can schedule articles for publication, instead of taking time away from my friends and family to work on December 31 (thankfully, this article is prescheduled). Of course, such a resolution will require better foresight. Completely understanding how to maximize technology requires the formulation of longterm plans and the willingness to stick to them.

Not surprisingly, coming up with New Years resolutions for your freelancing career is not that different than coming up with other kinds of resolutions. It aseasyas coming up with specific goals and the concrete steps required to achieve them.

So, what’s you’re freelancing New Year’s resolution?