Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Communication

Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Communication

Today we will talk about why being complete matters. Ive already made the case for concise communication, but that doesnt necessarily mean that spending time to communicate is a bad thing. No doubt, taking too much time to make a point is an ineffective way to get your message across, but there are situations where explaining a topic at length is definitely called for.

The danger with brief and tothepoint interaction is that it can leave the wrong impression. The best way to accurately convey an idea and minimize potential misunderstandings is to basically cover all the bases.

The Medium

First we must realize that comprehensive communication is effective when it is delivered in a memorable way. A long speechand the points it makeswill only make a difference if it is compelling enough to make a genuine impact on the audience.

The same also applies to written expression. Granted, the fact that it is recorded on a medium means that it enjoys an advantage over the spoken word, since it can be reviewed at your readers convenience. But unless the text promises and delivers an incentive to read through, it will be hard to retain any attention and pass on any ideas. After all, why waste time reading through something when there will be something more interesting?

The Message

Now that we have found a way to present our message in an interesting and comprehensive manner, lets explore the benefits of such an approach. As mentioned before, being complete lessens the possibility of confusion.

But there’s another aspect of comprehensive communication that makes it more appealing to the communicator. As many copywriters will tell you, wellcomposed long copy works because it attracts prospects who are willing to spend the time to take in the entire presentation. By their willingness, it is obvious that these people are already interested in what you have to offer, meaning the chances for successful persuasion are much higher.

It’s common sense really: if you’re on the market for a new laptop, would you rather read a short and sweet review, or an evaluation that explores every nook and cranny of the gadget, figuratively speaking?

The challenge to be comprehensive without boring your audience with the details will always be there. Yet those who can be complete and entertaining will reap the benefits of appealing to those who are already interested in the first place.