Have You Ever Tried Working While Emotionally Distressed?

Have You Ever Tried Working While Emotionally Distressed?

You probably know that it isnt exactly a walk in the park, especially since feeling down makes distractions and procrastination much more appealing.

But the fact remains that deadlines and even some clients dont care about whats going on in your personal life. All they care about is if and when youll fulfill your end of the bargain.

Im not saying that we can be like robots and never let our emotions affect our productivity. Yet its possible to minimize the effects of negative emotions, and even benefit from them.

Unfortunately, since we’re all different, and that guys and gals think differently, there’s no formula for working through mental pain. Personally, in times like these, I become selfish, cut myself off from the world, and just get working.

I become selfish because I know that if I dont submit on time and to spec, Ill be the one who suffers. I cut myself off from the world because I want to eliminate as much temptations and distractions as possible. I force myself to work because if I dont, Ill end up spending the whole day doing nothing. Only when Ive finished what I need to finish do I grieve.

Again, that admittedly cold approach is what works for me. It may be different for you. How do you deal with emotional distress when you have deadlines looming?

Making Money by Helping Others Earn

Theres no doubt that one of the hardest parts of being a freelancer is the need to constantly market to clients. Its also one of the most crucial, since you cant make a living if you have no projects to accomplish.

Which is why you should consider yourself lucky if you’re really good at attracting inquiries and establishing regular relationships with clients. Aside from enjoying frequent opportunities to earn, you can use this skill to make more moneyand help other freelancers succeed.

Why not, as Alfa said, become a freelance jobfinder? You can assemble a dream team of friends and acquaintances, with proven records of deliverability, and market them as a capable group to clients. You can take care of all the marketing, negotiation, and client relations, all for a 510% commission of the final project cost.

I doubt yourstaffwould mind paying their freelance jobfinder or agent even 20%, because by taking care of what is admittedly the boring part of freelancing, youll help them focus their energies on simply maximizing their creativity.

And don’t tell me collaboration online is impossible. All it takes to manage a group effort’s properly is to demand accountability and set a regular time for a conference. Being a freelance jobfinder may come with its own set of risks, such as banking your reputation on the efforts or output of others, but it can be a potentially rewarding vocation for you.

If you can set up a system that properly manages the freelancers under your management, you can earn significantly while keeping your time and energy commitments minimal.