Are You Desperate Hungry for Work?

Are You Desperate Hungry for Work?

Loolwa Khazzoom, professional editor at assignment writing service aside from having a cool name, narrates how she got her foot in the door:

I would go on sites and try to find info on how to reach editors, but especially with the big swanky magazines, you cant find their phone numbers,” she said. “So I kept trying to twist it and turn it and think about how to get a hold of them. I eventually figured out they were listed by their publishing companies, so Id call and ask how to get a hold of the editors that way. I would talk to the editors assistants, and often they wouldnt put me through to editors or give me their email info, so Id ask for the assistants email instead. Then I figured the company email were a formula, so I ended up just emailing the editor directly.

Thats part of it; being borderline obnoxious to make sure you get through.”

Some may say Loolwa actions smack of desperation. But there are always different ways of looking at the same thing:

Loolwa was so desperate for work that she literally threw herself at clients. Shame on her.

Loolwa was so desperate to succeed at her passion that she did everything necessary to attract the attention of clients. Good for her!

Which scenario makes more sense: A highlyskilled contract worker pimping herself for money, or someone whos totally dedicated to their freelancing success? The point is that we should be less apprehensive about looking desperate. Even very successful freelancers had to scurry around for projects and literally beg for them while building up their careers. So theres no reason why that should bebelowus.

Besides, desperation doesn’t necessarily come from destitution. Many times hunger is the driving force. The hunger to succeed, the hunger to create something genuinely new, the hunger to make a difference. And of course, the hunger to reach a point where desperation is no longer necessary. We can even reduce this hunger to its most basic level: sometimes someone is hungry for work because they love what they do.

In short, a question you should ask yourself is: Are you desperate hungry for work? Because if youre not, youre probably not passionate enough about what you do.

How Pretending We’re at the Office Leads to Successful Home Work

The Avoiding the Temptations of Home series made it clear that ironically, to successfully work at home, we have to pretend we’re at the office. And this involved dressing up for work, setting up a good home office, using it effectively, and being your own boss.

Here are three more things you can do to make the most of working at home:

Pretend You’re on the Clock. Start and end working at the same times everyday. And preferably during “normal” office hours. This makes sure you have enough time to get an appreciable amount of work done, while making sure the work doesn’t dominate your life. Don’t forget, working at home means you don’t have to suffer the daily commute!

Pretend That You Can’t be Interrupted. Freelancers make the mistake of allowing interruptions when they work at home. Unless it’s an emergency, act as if you’re in the office, and make sure everyone knows that just because you’re staying at home, you still need to focus on getting things done.

Pretend You Don’t Have Connectivity. Another mistake that freelancers make is assuming that the Internet will always be there. The reality is that 100% connectivity is all but impossible, and you may find yourself wishing you download that file before your connectivity failed. So do so now, while you still can. Especially since residential Internet connections aren’t as reliable as corporate ones.

There’s a reason why companies insist that most of their employees report to office everyday. Like it or not, the typical corporate environment features advantages that facilitate productivity. That’s not to say you can’t get anything done by working at home. In fact, by combining the advantages of a normal office—by pretending you’re in one—with the advantages of working at home, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.